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WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Training Aid

$24.95Regular Price$19.99Sale Price

TempoTRAINER Golf Swing Trainer

$69.95Regular Price$49.99Sale Price

Steady Eddy | Lead Foot Anchor

$19.95Regular Price$14.99Sale Price

OSI Golf researches, designs and develops the best golf training aids on the market. Whether you are struggling to keep the ball in the fairway or if you simply want to hit the ball farther, our products can help. Did you know that the golf swing is the most difficult sport motion to master over and over? The purpose of any golf training aid should be to help train the body to repeat a sequential golf swing by targeting the areas that contribute to variability. Take for example the wrists. The wrists happen to be the part of the body that has the most impact on the trajectory of the golf ball. This is because it is the wrist that joins the Golfers body with the golf club. If the lead wrist is not flat at impact and the clubface square, then the ball will fly offline. Or maybe you are looking to improve your ball striking and distance, the key is your swing tempo. The TempoTRAINER is our solution to the age old problem of getting the maximum velocity through the ball. OSI Golf performs a thorough analysis of the existing golf training aids on the market and develops patent-pending solutions to some of these most common areas in the golf swing. Come read more about our company and our great golf training aids...

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