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Steady Eddy | Golf Swing Foot Anchor | Proper Swing Pivot


The Steady Eddy works in a very efficient manner. Its design has one inner row of short spikes that aligns with the regular spikes on the bottom of the golf shoe. There is an outer curved row of 3 tabs that provide the lateral support needed to post the lead leg and prevent the flaring of the foot. The first short spike, which lines up just in the middle area of the foot is the first one to engage as soon as the weight is shifted forward at the start of the downswing, immediately after, the first tab follows. If momentum is too great, the foot will still turn outwards slightly, thus allowing the second tab to engage and stop the rotation of the foot. This promotes the proper posting of the lead leg, creating a whiplash effect on the hips, and torso, which is transferred to the golf ball at impact.If the golfer is over-swinging, the Steady Eddy will slow him/her down to a natural and ideal tempo, ensuring more consistent contact with the ball.


The “Steady Eddy” is designed to address two of the most common issues that the majority of amateur golfers and even some touring pros have experienced since the birth of the game: finding the proper swing tempo and balance. How can we achieve this?


The “Steady Eddy” is an additional set of spikes built into one piece, made of a hard but flexible plastic that is attached to the external face of the shoe on the leading foot (left shoe for right-handed golfers, right shoe for left-handed golfers). There are two attachment systems available: temporary (hook and loop straps) and permanent (attaching it to the sole of the shoe with the included small screws). Both methods take under 3 minutes to complete attachment.


In a few words, the Steady Eddy will help the golfer achieve better tempo and balance.



Those using the Steady Eddy will be able to develop the swing mechanics that until now, has only been evident with professional golfers.



It has been reviewed and endorsed by top 100 instructor Eden Foster and other golf experts, PGA instructors, former PGA tour players.


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It will help the golfer:

  • Establish a solid stance and foundation, preventing the rotation of the lead foot. Enabling more rotational torque to be applied to the golf club. Resulting is longer shots.

  • Focus on the correct swing tempo. The anchoring ability of the Steady Eddy will prevent the user from swinging too fast and out of "sync". 

  • Follow-through with the swing. By anchoring the lead foot, the user will be able to fully rotate towards the target in the follow-through position.