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Improvement. A journey NOT a destination.

When we think about setting goals for ourselves around personal development whether it be in our professional life or on the golf course, we must always remember that it is not about the end point. This is partly because there is never an end point, we can always challenge ourselves to continually improve but also because throughout the journey you will reach many small milestones along the way.

I remember when I was about 24 years old I was very new to golf and in fact, did not have any official coaching at all. I was gripping the club like a baseball bat and my mechanics were very clunky. I was at a driving range at the nearby Memorial Park in Houston and one of the staff instructors walked past me and paused. He couldn't help but intervene to show me a few pointers on what I was doing wrong. He first critiqued my grip then my stance and finally my swing tempo (I was swinging way too fast and using my arms too much). Immediately I could not hit the ball to save my life. After all, I was retraining my brain and body to replace a number of bad habits at once. It took me weeks of practice and more bad days than good ones to finally reap the rewards of my efforts.

Ever since that day I have been continually improving my golf game and always look for areas of opportunity that can shave a stroke off or increase my accuracy.

Share with us your stories about challenges you have faced while improving your golf game.



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