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Lockdown = Time to Focus on Your Swing

I like most of you, have been stuck at home for the last 3 months with the COVID-19 crisis and while much of the normal life is put on hold for the time being I have found this a great time to focus on improving my swing at home. Here is a drill I have been using that may been helpful to you.

Slow, Rhythm Drills

Without having a large practice range at my disposal I have been using the WrisTRAINER to focus on improving my mechanics. I simply install the WrisTRAINER under a golf glove as shown (by the way, for general improved stiffness on the lead wrist this is the best recommendation).

I then setup as if I were hitting a chip or punch shot and slowly work on bringing the club back to about 25% of the back swing. I then take practice swings at a very easy pace while slowly bringing the club to the impact zone (in my case I am using a small rub to prevent impacting the floor).

I repeat this while making sure to keep the lead wrist flat at impact. The motion is one that is great for instilling the importance of a flat wrist. Give it a try and if you are outside I recommend slowly increasing you swing tempo while keeping the focus on the lead wrist.

Happy Golfing


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