WrisTRAINER Lead Wrist Golf Training Aid on Wrist

WrisTRAINER Golf Swing Training Aid

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Flat lead wrist golf swing training aid delivers improved ball striking and accuracy. Reduces slices & hooks


The WrisTRAINER is the simplest way to dramatically improve you accuracy. Not only does it help promote the flat lead wrist prinicipals by creating a wrist support for the wrist joint but, it also ensures proper golf swing mechanics throughout the entire golf swing. The best part about it is that from the moment you begin using the device, you will notice your shots will gradually become straighter and you will have more consistent ball striking. Most golfers, regardless of the level of experience have a hard time repeating the same shot over and over. Because the golf swing is a dynamic motion, any slight variation will change the outcome immensely. There are many things that go into a good consistent, straight golf shot but one of the most important keys to improving your game is ensuring the club face is square at impact (or perpendicular to the target).

- Universal symmetrical design fits virtually all golfers

- Slim profile allows for integration UNDER the golf glove.

- Semi-rigid design doesn't impede natural swing mechanics

- Extremely comfortable

- Durable