Why buy the WrisTRAINER over other glove-integrated products?

When we conducted market research back in 2010, we found that those that tried the glove-based products, an overwhelming number felt the product was uncomfortable and completely limited the natural swing. Other feedback was that since gloves wear out, once product became unusable it was typically thrown away and never used again. WrisTRAINER is designed to help your body overcome wrist motion by teaching muscle memory and not inhibiting the swing itself. Think of it as using a crutch versus teaching to develop the proper muscles.  


Why the "dynamic weight" on the Tempo TRAINER?

One of the most common questions we get when conducting demo days is what is with the blue weight on the Tempo TRAINER. Well the story goes like this. While taking lessons many years ago an Instructor told me that to improve club head speed and tempo you could warm up by swing two clubs before hitting the ball. Much like the on-deck batter in baseball, swinging more weight teaches the body to swing more effortlessly. While this is true and has been supported by many golf purist the missing element is the tempo. Rigid stationary clubs do nothing to help with swing tempo. In fact tempo is really what leads to further distance. Because tempo is the rhythm in which the body rotates and efficiently delivers energy to the golf ball at impact. To help address tempo we turned to basic principles in Physics. As you swing a standard golf club the center of gravity does not change and therefore the body does not learn how to properly transition from the back swing into the down swing and through impact. The weight and spring helps to create a shift in the center of gravity which in turn creates more velocity and therefore a more ideal swing velocity profile from start to finish. 


​How Do I Place An Order?​

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Returns & Refunds

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