TempoTRAINER Golf Swing Tempo Training Aid in Hand

TempoTRAINER Golf Swing Trainer

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Weighted golf swing training aid promotes proper golf swing timing, tempo and mechanics. Improves distance


The golf swing is one of the most complex sports motions to master and there are countless factors that contribute to a long, straight shot. Clubhead speed directly translates to ball trajectory and distance but, getting the most out of your body mechanics is the difficult part. That is where swing tempo (or timing) comes into play. Converting the torque that your core creates into clubhead velocity relies on the hips, legs, upper body and arms to work in perfect harmony. While most people think that if they swing harder at the ball, the ball will fly farther. This is not entirely true. In reality, it is a relationship of the amount of energy that is efficiently transferred from the core to the upper body through the arms and into the hands and ultimately through the golf club that dictates how far the ball will fly. That is where the TempoTRAINER, the best golf swing trainer comes in...

- Improves full-swing mechanics through weighted design

- Prevents deceleration through the ball by providing feedback

- Ensures maximum velocity occurs through the ball

- Strengths core muscles with repetitive usage